The Big B

This is another submission that's a bit older. Tex Fischer sent this concept it a while back, but it could make a nice alternate uniform for the Sabres. Thoughts?

Jet Blue

How's this for a Winnipeg Jets third jersey? You know it's coming one of these years. Why not go with this look by Tex Fischer?

0683: The Stick in the Rink

We're riding out 2013 with the Canucks today as part of Tampa/Vancouver Week. The Lightning are in Vancouver tomorrow — one of only two games taking place in the NHL. (Any guesses what the other one is?) The theme today, as you may have guessed, is the Canuck's retro stick-in-the-rink logo. It's featured on every design today, including this one from Bastian Schmülling. I particularly like the green option.

Tex Fischer brings us a more subdued set. But I think that crest can make any sweater stand out.

Finally, Brendan Anderson envisions a minor tweak to the Canucks' existing third before making a home and road set out of it. All three designs have unique aspects and prove that this could be a great, timeless look for Vancouver.

0511: The Tri-Winter Tournament

Here's an odd Classic Saturday idea to throw out there. Tex Fischer put together these Heritage Classic-type throwback designs for a trio of Canadian teams a couple years ago. They've been sitting in my inbox for a while. But I suddenly had a thought. With all the extra outdoor games we're getting next winter, the concept is bound to lose some of its novelty.

So to recapture it, imagine a three-team, two-day outdoor tournament. Three clubs could meet at a neutral site, say in Saskatchewan. Maybe Toronto and Vancouver play on Saturday night and the winner faces Montreal on Sunday. (The loser of the first game could have a make-up date set with Montreal later in the season to balance the schedule.)

Is that idea totally crazy? I think it would make for a very cool event over a long holiday weekend. And it would make the Heritage Classic unique again. Not only that, but from a marketing perspective, you get another huge fan base in the mix.

0474: Back to the Days of Mario

Why aren't the Penguins already wearing these? Tex Fischer has done a great job adapting those classic late '80s sweaters to Reebok's beloved Edge design. Let's see them on the ice already.