Ducks Redone

We're now deep into May and this is the first time the Anaheim Ducks have been featured this year. (Granted, I was away for the first three months, but still.) Anthony Cinerari reinvents the club's uniforms with a retro twist.

Pirates or Penguins

Last Sunday we looked at a hockey sweater inspired by a baseball team. This week we get another. Anthony Cinerari imagines a Pittsburgh Pirates jersey. But the crazy thing is it could actually be a great Stadium Series-type jersey for the Penguins!


Florida Revised

Anthony Cinerari takes a look at a redesign of the Florida Panthers' uniforms — including a collegiate-style third jersey.

Freak Out Friday Returns

The Concepts page is back and now so is Freak Out Friday! Anthony Cinerari dresses the Blue Jackets in red sweaters. Sharp design but not quite on brand, is it?

Classic Century

The Canadiens and Senators meet outdoors tonight for the NHL 100 Classic. The uniforms look great but Anthony Cinerari had a few tweaks to improve them just a bit. Did it work?