Vegas Trio

UPDATE · Mar 9 · It was pointed out that a very similar version of this concept was first posted back in December. So to ensure we have original concepts here everyday, I'm adding an extra "trio" of Vegas jersey sets to this post.

First up, Chris Fortier tries out an unconventional design.

Adam Del Monte goes a little more traditional.

And newcomer Tyler Crowder finds a way to make the red trim really pop.

Below is the original concept that appeared in this post.

This week the Vegas Golden Knights picked up their first ever player, Reid Duke. But the jerseys will remain a mystery, likely until the expansion draft in June. Until then, Alan Waldron offers up his prediction.

Jets Swap

For those who like the Winnipeg Jets' modern colors but prefer their classic logo, Brendan Hennessy has a sharp uniform solution.

Madore's Pacific

It's the finale of Matt Madore's Monday series in which he's redesigned all 30 NHL team uniforms for the league's upcoming centennial season. What do you think of the Pacific Division?

Madore's Atlantic

Mondays have been handed over to Matt Madore for a few weeks. He's tackling a redesign project for all 30 NHL uniforms ahead of the league's 100th anniversary. This week brings us the Atlantic Division. Only one more left!

Madore's Central

Matt Madore is taking over Mondays for a few weeks to present his NHL centennial series — one division at a time. This week he's tackling the Central Division. (Click to enlarge each design or cycle through using your arrow keys.)